How to Do Toy Photography?

Do you want to learn photography but you don't have many outdoor places to go to? Or you can't get enough people to model for your photos? then how to learn photography without having outdoor locations and real models around? 

Well, the answer is to learn Toy photography using miniature models. Through Toy photography, you can gain a sound knowledge of picture composition, background selection, and light setup for your toy subject.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions related to Toy Photography.

Why Toy photography is popular?

Through Toy photography, most of the photographers try to create realistic scenarios using toys and props. Most people relate such scenarios with their day to day lives. For example, a scene from a sunny beach or a mini bus parked on an exotic location or a scene from some war movie, etc. 

Toy Photography

Thus, Toy Photography is popular and is followed by many.

What to keep in mind before starting toy photography?

Toy photography is the same as any other type of photography. There are some pre-requisites that you kneed to keep in your mind before starting Toy photography. 

Basic knowledge of Depth of field 

Learn the basics of photography click here Bokeh Photography, Depth of Field Basics

Lighting Setup (if indoors) 

If indoors, you need to finalize a location where you will be setting up your toys and props. Then, you need to set up lightings. Learn how to do a lighting setup later in this article.

Storytelling Process

A good photographer always tells a story through his/her photography. Before clicking a Toy Photograph, you need to finalize what  story are you going to tell through your image.


Post Processing skill is a must while doing Toy Photography, to give a realistic touch to your photos. Learn post-processing toy photography tricks using photoshop later in this article.

How to set lighting for toy photography?

For Indoor Shoot:
You may use a camera flash with a diffuser or a makeshift evening light using some butter paper and mobile flash. Set it on your subject so that the subject is nicely exposed to the light.

For Outdoor Shoot:
You may not need any lighting setup if shooting outdoors in the day-time. Natural light is always better. Although the choice of location affects the daylight. The best time to shoot outdoors is when the sun is down the horizon, that is, during the early morning or in the evening.

Which lens to use to click toy photos?

Toy Photography
Photo by June from Pexels
The most loved Toy Photographs are the ones that have a blurred background. To achieve this, we need a macro lens.

Below is the list of lenses that are usually used for Toy Photography.

How to select a background for toy photography?

The right selection of the background is very crucial in toy photography. Background purely depends  on two primary things:
  1. The story you are telling through your photo: The background sets the mood of the photo. It plays the role of shoot location for toy photography. Thus, select a background that complements your story.
  2. Color of your toy: The background must not be too bright or too dull as compare to your toy. If the toy is of multicolor, then prefer a black background. A contrasting background does not distract the viewer. 
It is not nessasary that you have to select a real background. You may use a some miniature setup like Doll house or a simple wallpaper as a background. The most easy way to create a background is by using contrasting image on a laptop screen.

How to click a toy photo?

Following are 5 simple steps to click a toy photo:

Step 1: Set up your background.
Step 2: Position your toy/s in front of the background
Step 3: Fix your DSLR/Camera phone on a tripod and position this setup at the correct distance so that the toys are in focus.
Step 4(optional): Adjust your lightings if shooting Indoor.
Step 5: Set timer in your camera and click multiple shots.

How to post-processing a toy photo

There is no single way to post-process a photo. But here are some before and after post-processing ideas for a toy photo.

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