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Photographer Srijita Kushwaha

Srijita Kushwaha an engineer by profession but a photographer by Passion . She is working as an IT executive since 2014. Born in the year 1992, Srijita has a keen interest in photography since childhood. Her journey as a photographer started long before she bought her first DSLR. Srijita worked hard to understand image compositions and other photography basis and applied them while photoshooting by her smart phone camera.Later she bought her first DSLR, Nikon D5200 and now She is a "Master Photographer" in GuruShots - A Photo Challenge platform. She is a proactive member of various photo stocking websites.She likes to capture places and experiences during her travels that frezze the movement in every frame of her photos. Appart from photography, Srijita is a big time animal lover, you can see this in her photos. Till now she has 4 internation exhibitions under her title. She is maintaining a photography page Srijita Kushwaha Photography, on Facebook, since the past seven years. You may also follow her work on Instagram Srijita currently resides in Bangalore,India.